About Bobo and Coco


It’s nice to see you. Bobo and Coco are my daughters. You may be wondering, what kind of crazy, names their kids Bobo and Coco? Well, those are not actually the names on their birth certificates. Coco (Chloe) has special needs, one of which is difficulty speaking. When she was very tiny, she couldn’t pronounce Sabrina’s name…way too hard, so she started calling her Bobo, because well, she could make the “B” and the “O” sounds. Coco’s speech has improved quite a bit as she’s grown up, but Sabrina has remained Bobo, and will until she’s old and gray, I’m sure. My girls inspire me every day. Sometimes the inspiration is awesome, and sometimes they just inspire me to take lots of deep cleansing breaths, so I won’t lose my wits over all their shenanigans. The good thing is, there is never a dull moment around here.

I started sewing in 2008, after my sister Monica found out she was expecting her third baby. We had been partners, sewing lovely children’s clothing, and having a blast doing it. Monica was the seamstress, and I handled customer service. As her pregnancy progressed, she just didn’t feel well enough to continue sewing, so she taught me how, and I haven’t looked back.

Children’s clothes are just happy, and I enjoy being happy! Follow me on this adventure into the world of Happy Little Clothes, I look forward to sewing for you.



One thought on “About Bobo and Coco

  1. You have inspired me to be happy. I am happy, all of the time 🙂 (well most of, all of the time).
    On a side note, I always secretly prayed and wished upon a star to have a daughter…for many reasons (Sabrina and Chloe are one). Another of my reasons, was so she could wear your fancy duds. Needless to say, I am HAPPY 🙂 Thanks V!

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