Happy Everything

Today is Valentine’s Day. I’m kinda torn on whether to love it or loathe it.
Oscar has always said that Valentine’s Day is for people who need a reason to show their loved ones love.
Every day should be “Valentine’s Day.”
When I first heard him say that, I agreed.
The more I think about it, I realize that even though you should show the ones you love, how much they mean to you every day, there is something innately sweet, about wondering what kind of “valentine” you might receive, on Valentine’s Day.

When I worked outside the home, Valentines Day was a big deal for the ladies in my office.
The entire day was a a constant stream of flowers, balloons and assorted treats being delivered.
You could feel the anticipation in the air every time a delivery man would approach the front desk with a new flower delivery.
“Who is it for?” “Wow, so many roses.” “I wonder if those are for me?”
I haven’t worked outside the home in almost ten years, so no more flower parade on Valentine’s Day.
Now it’s the flower and gift parade on Facebook and Instagram.
No matter how much we pooh-pooh it, or how many times we roll our eyes when someone posts a picture of what their sweetie gave them for Valentine’s day, deep inside we want to do the same thing.
Post a picture. Shout from the rooftops “See, I am loved! Look what I got, I am special!”
And you know what? It’s okay. Sometimes we need to feel validated, and if a bouquet of flowers or some chocolate covered strawberries does the trick, so be it.
So, today I wish you lots of love and lots of valentine’s. You’re awesome. You deserve it.
My Valentine involved a Sausauge McMuffin with Egg this morning…what? Don’t judge me, I love those things.
Happy V Day ❤

Flowers, candy and a sausage mcmuffin, that's love baby!

Flowers, candy and a sausage mcmuffin, that’s love baby!


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